2004-2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Extended Shift Paddle Set - Left (-) & Right (+)


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Slip-on shift paddle extensions provide a 600% increase in surface size, making for easier and more accurate shifting.                                              



  • Fits all Lamborghini Gallardo vehicles (2004-2008) and all Lamborghini Gallardo LP vehicles (2009-2014)
  • Over 600% increase in paddle surface area
  • Intelligently designed with raised grips and a textured surface finish on the rear of the paddles for increased grip during shifting
  • Constructed from DuraForm® EX plastic for maximum quality and durability
  • Finished with genuine Cerakote® coating for exceptional durability and abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Simple slip-on installation allows for easy install and removal 
  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Limited Warranty

Advantages of DuraForm® EX

  • Outstanding durability, impact resistance, and chemical & abrasion resistance
  • Toughness of injection molded ABS plastic and polypropylene without the unsightly mold seams
  • Ideal material for the following applications:
    • Motorsports
    • Aerospace
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's)
    • Vehicle Dashboards & Grilles
    • Complex Housings & Enclosures
    • Consumer Goods